Women still economically excluded: Zuma

first_img10 August 2011While South Africa has made progress in improving the status of women since attaining democracy in 1994, much remains to be done on the economic front, President Jacob Zuma said on Women’s Day.Addressing a Women’s Day rally at Peter Mokaba Sadium in Polokwane on Tuesday, Zuma said that while advances had been made in empowering women politically, the government wanted to see “visible” change for women in all walks of life.“We are aware that women entrepreneurs remain on the periphery of the national economy,” Zuma said. “Their activities are concentrated in making and selling crafts, hawking as well as the personal and retail sectors.”“We believe that women in rural areas, townships and villages must have the opportunity to open successful businesses or cooperatives to generate income.”He said the low participation of women in business was due to, among others, poor access to business opportunities, information and knowledge on how to run successful businesses.Research shows that women form the majority of South Africa’s unemployed, with most of these living in rural areas.Public investment to benefit womenZuma said the government had set aside R57-million through the Land Care programme for projects aimed at assisting women in rural areas.Programmes were also in place to invest in the long-term development of women in scarce skills, especially in science and technology, with the enrolment of women in universities having increased from 48% in 1996 to 56% in 2008.Women would also benefit from the implementation of the state’s R800-billion infrastructure development programme over the next few years.“We will be rolling out large-scale projects such as energy, dams, roads, public transport and communication infrastructure nationwide,” Zuma said, adding that there were also opportunities for women in other sectors of the economy, including “green” industries.Zuma said the government was concerned that the target of women’s participation in mining had still not been met, as indicated by the recent mining charter review. “This means more must be done to open this sector for women.”Speaking before Zuma, Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale decried the “exclusion of women in the country’s mainstream economy.“It is a fact that many women are still left behind in terms of economic emancipation,” Mathale said. “Working together, we can do more to change the condition of the women of our country.“It should never be accepted that many women are still living under abject poverty conditions, with no access to basic services such as electricity and sanitation,” he said.Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

Managing a Split Team: An Interview with Blank Label’s Danny Wong

first_imgchris cameron Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… I had the opportunity to talk Monday with Danny Wong, one of the co-founders of the startup Blank Label which allows customers to create custom men’s dress shirts. Users can pick fabrics, collar styles, cuff styles, size and fit options, as well as embroider custom monograms. The company is the brainchild of Wong’s partner, Fan Bi, who developed the idea during an exchange program between the Boston area’s Babson College (a school we’ve mentioned before for it’s entrepreneurship programs) and his school in his home of Australia.Bi and Wong initially hired locally, bringing a Boston-based graphic designer on board, but eventually they were forced to look beyond the east coast for a programmer. After hiring their lead developer in Orange County, California, Bi’s exchange program ended, forcing him back to Australia, and splitting the Blank Label team across three distant locations, but the fledgling company has still managed to grow. Bi now lives in Shanghai where he can run the company’s supply chain with their manufacturer, while the rest of the team works virtually in California and Massachusetts.Wong and Blank Label are an excellent example for startups in smaller communities that need to hire employees outside of their location. Here are some excerpts from my interview with Wong on the pros and cons of working with a split team in a startup as well as some insights into how they’ve managed to get off the ground and continue to grow.What lead Blank Label to become a split team?We couldn’t find someone local. We dug really deep, we tried to leverage our secondary network. All three of us were in the Boston, Massachusetts area at the time, and we were trying to find this fourth partner who could do programming and who could make something really amazing for us without us having to outsource. We’ve had a tremendous amount of terrible stories with outsourcing, we even had an article written about us on Forbes.com about how we decided to bring someone onboard as opposed to outsourcing because we had so many issues with outsourcing. But the fact of the matter was, on the east coast, we couldn’t find anyone that was good. Theres definitely an abundance of software talent on the west coast and getting an awesome, passionate technical co-founder even at a distance who believed in the vision, who had thought about the idea space a few years previous was a bigger advantage than the disadvantage of not having him local. So you were looking for someone who could program but also had the entrepreneurial mindset? Yes.And that was hard to find on the east coast? Because I’m sure there’s plenty of programmers coming out of the colleges out in Boston.Some of them have the entrepreneurial spirit as well, but part of the problem was that a lot of them didn’t believe in us because we were an unproven concept. We had an idea, and our team didn’t have the best credentials, but we had an idea and we were incredibly motivated. Naturally, people will be skeptical.That’s interesting because that’s kind of how ventural capital goes too, east coast to west coast. You won’t get as much funding on the east coast for something that’s not as proven a model as you would in Silicon Valley where they’re more likely to invest in something more risky.Yeah, well there’s also a cultural difference. We’re more conservative on the east coast, just as a culture. On the west coast they’re incredibly liberal, they’re not averse to risk taking. They’re not averse to change. That’s why you see all of these disruptive startups coming out of the west coast. There are some people pushing it on the east coast, but certainly not as many in proportion or in volume compared to the west coast. So you eventually found your fourth partner?So we found a co-founder, we found him through the web…We’ve just had an interesting relationship since. A few more details about the team dynamic: we’ve never met Zeeshan.And he’s the programmer from California?Yeah he’s out there. Alec, our graphic designer, and I are now in Boston… Towards the end of 2009 Fan was finishing his exchange program at Babson, I attend Bentley, Alec graduated in June from Roger Williams. Alec and I barely see each other, but we go out now and then on the weekends. Fan’s visa soon expired because he finished his exchange program at Babson in December… Immediately after new years he flew out to Australia, spent some time with his family, and now he’s moved to Shanghai for the business…We decided to move Fan out there because it was the best solution for the company. Now he’s working with our supplier directly, and we have a new supplier, we have better quality control, we can source more fabrics, we have transparency with the supplier, we know more about our raw costs, the time it takes to produce a product, and then we’ve figured out better shipping options to get the product to the consumer faster.So how do you collaborate over such long distances?We use web-based document sharing, we use Dropbox and Google Docs. We use video conferencing, we use ooVoo instead of Skype because ooVoo allows us to do multiple-person video conferencing. We also use a couple project management tools, Acunote specifically to set goals and sprints for our web-based projects. What’s it like to set up a manufacturing partnership with a company in China? That’s got to be a daunting thing to look at.Yeah. When Fan was living in Australia he used to go over to Shanghai every summer because that’s where his [extended] family was. He would get his products custom made and that’s how he came up with this idea…He decided to go snooping around and he found a manufacturer and they had direct contact at the beginning…He set up the supply chain. We were working through an agency which put us through to a manufacturer so that was a little sloppy. The manufacturer itself was talking directly with us so we couldn’t tell them exactly what we wanted. There were too many steps in the process because we would talk to the agency who would talk to the manufacturer, and the agency was pretty much a middle man, and the problem there was our costs were higher, and sometimes the message gets mixed up. It was complicated, it definitely was, and there was also a time delay because we have to talk to the middle-man and the middle-man has to find time to talk to the manufacturers.Not to mention the time-zone differences.Yeah… Our original manufacturer, their main business was suits, and they just happened to do shirts too, and we pushed them to do things a little different, and they said “Oh, what are you doing? No one ever does this?…You’re putting to much pressure on us, you’re asking for a quick turn-around, we don’t have time for this…For us to make one of your shirts, we could have made 4 other shirts that were mass produced.” So our interests weren’t really aligned, and they’re expertise weren’t there. Our tailors now work specifically with creating dress shirts every day, so we just told them to do things a little different and they’ve done very well.So being bootstrapped, was that one of the things that led you to create this split-team?Yeah, if we had investors I’m sure they would have pushed us to be near each other. And that’s the problem with seeking investment right now, there’s no way we could relocate Zee because he has a competitive salary at his day job right now.I would think that if you did relocate, I would think San Francisco would be a good place not only because its Silicon Valley and investors are there, but its also a bridge city from China and Japan where manufacturers are.Right, that’s a good point, and we certainly would not be averse to moving over to California. The only problem, for one, there’s Fan’s visa issue. Alec and I are free to move, I’d be happy to take some time off from school if that’s needed. There would be no problem for us to move, and we’d be more than happy to. One potential problem might be that we’re comfortable with our network here [in Boston]. Fan’s talked about how he’d be excited to move out to the west coast, it’s where startups thrive.It seems like you’ve got a pretty good setup going right now with the manufacturers in China.Yeah and we need him there for a couple more months at least. It’s undetermined how long he’s gonna be there, but fortunately the cost of living is low. It’s not ideal for him to move back here.Are you looking to get funding, or are you trying to bootstrap as long as you can?That’s a good question. I would say that we’re going to be bootstrapping it for a while. We’re not actively seeking funding, and we have no real intentions of seeking funding anytime soon. Perhaps a year from now, but I certainly would say any earlier than six months from now.Has anyone approached you about funding?We spoke to TechStars because Bill Warner even ordered one of our shirts. He was interested in us applying, it wasn’t an offer but he encouraged us to apply, but then the program would have been this year and we’re a split team so it just wouldn’t work out.I would think that you guys might be perfect for an incubator situation but you guys are so split up that it makes it a lot harder.Yeah we’re too far split apart [for an incubator]. We were looking at, “How are we going to deal with Zee, how can we negotiate to allow him to be there?” Now we’re going to be split between Boston, Orange County and Shanghai for quite a while.Do you think that not being able to work face-to-face has been a hurdle you’ve had to overcome, or is it not that big of a deal?I feel connected to the team because I get to see them twice a week because we’re video conferencing. It adds a little more reality to a situation. We used to do phone conferences, and for one I hate holding my phone to my face for that long and two, you’re looking at other things while you’re talking. With video conferencing you get to see your partners’ gesticulations, facial expressions, it seems more real…We use Google Chat or Skype for IM or small calls. Is there anything else you want to add about the split team experience?For some teams it will be important to have a split team for business and split operation puposes. Fan is in Shanghai managing our supply chain, I’m here building our Boston network, Zeeshan’s out in Orange County…with the world’s top developers, learning more, exchanging tips and notes. Networking and business purposes, it can be very beneficial for those reasons.If you can have it any way you wanted, which would you choose? Is the price of being split up worth the advantage of being able to network in these different cities, and tap these different talent pools?Yes! I full agree with that statement. Going back to your first question, I honestly wish I was in Europe right now.Because fashion is huge out there?Yes, they have so much purchasing power compared to us. If we were to charge our prices over there, people would swallow up our product. For a product with our value proposition, I certainly think that we could make a lot of money there. We are launching international shipping in a week or so, but I would love to be working over there. It would be great to just get on the map and be disruptive globally.Is there a situation for startups that you would recommend they split up their team? Especially since you guys are from Boston which is one of the bigger east coast startup cultures but it’s not the largest in the states, so you are forced to look around in other cities for talent. Would you suggest that startups in a similar situation try to do that too?Yeah I certainly would encourage startups to look for resources elsewhere. The status quo was that you had to find someone local that you can sit and have coffee with every day. If you were too poor to afford an office, which most people are, you can sit in Startbucks and get free refills everyday. But things are changing, and luckily with the evolution of technology you can interact virtually with a team and you can have a wonderful team dynamic this way. I would encourage people to look near and far to find the people that have the skills necessary for their business to explode…There’s someone out there who can add value to your team and that is more than happy to jump on. Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Tags:#start#startups Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Just in Time for PlayBook’s Launch, New SDKs from RIM

first_imgJavaScript APIs are now separated from the OS. This new architecture will allow developers to modify and enhance the existing APIs and package them with their BlackBerry WebWorks application. It will also simplify adding new APIs to applications.The BlackBerry WebWorks framework and all of the APIs are open sourced and are available on GitHub. Developers can now contribute and participate in the evolution of the BlackBerry WebWorks project.RIM added both the Individual Contributor Agreement and the Corporate Contributor Agreement to the BlackBerry WebWorks Open Source Software Project on GitHub back in March, as well as the source code for the WebWorks SDK and the APIs. In other words, the information about open-sourcing this framework is not new, it’s just a notable update.The WebWorks SDK lets developers build apps using standard Web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Those apps can then be distributed via BlackBerry World and installed on BlackBerry smartphones and the newly launched tablet computer. The 2.0 version, specifically, is meant to better align the two platforms (phone and tablet).BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIRThe other major release today is the final version of the Adobe AIR SDK, which introduces these changes:Special APIs for the BlackBerry PlayBook Plugins for Adobe Flash BuilderA BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet SimulatorA Getting Started GuideAdobe is bringing a lot more tools and services to the new PlayBook tablet, too, in addition to Adobe AIR. The complete list includes the following:Adobe AIR (as noted above)Adobe Connect Mobile, a Web conferencing app available as a free download from the app storeAdobe Content Viewer, a viewer for rich media publications (i.e. tablet-ized magazines) created with the Digital Publishing Suite. Flash PlayerAdobe ReaderAdobe LiveCycle, a mobile version of the LiveCycle enterprise suiteWhether any of this will actually help get the tablet computer off the ground is debatable. A Reuters report from this morning claimed a NY Office Depot sold just 3 PlayBooks after the store’s opening. As we’ve noted, the tablet received mixed reviews from the press due to issues with missing core apps (email, calendar, notes, contacts, etc.). These will be added later this summer via software updates. In the meantime, current BlackBerry owners can tether their phone to the device for access to these items. It’s a system designed for enterprise users with security in mind, but today’s tablets are meant to have consumer appeal as well. The PlayBook may get there eventually, but it’s starting out rough. Related Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Today, Research in Motion (RIM), has released two new SDKs for developers: the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK 2.0 for Tablet OS and Smartphones and the final version of the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR. The former is a major update involving architecture changes, and the latter of these two, the Adobe AIR SDK, introduces a number of changes that allow developers to build tablet applications using Adobe AIR technology. Says RIM, this allows publishers to share code across desktop, smartphone, mobile and television platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and more.The changes are rolling out on the same day that the BlackBerry PlayBook goes on sale in the U.S. and Canada.WebWorks 2.0 According to RIM, the WebWorks SDK 2.0 introduces the following changes: Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement sarah perez Tags:#mobile#news#RIM Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

Games Announced For Trans Tasman

first_imgThe games for the 2009 Trans Tasman Test Series have been announced.They are as follows:Friday 24th April 2009WIN Stadium 6.30pm Game 1 Mixed Open7.30pm Game 2 Women’s Open8.30pm Game 3 Men’s Open Saturday 25th April 2009North Dalton11.20am Game 2 Mixed OpenWIN Stadium6.30pm Game 2 Women’s Open7.30pm Game 2 Men’s Open8.30pm Game 3 Mixed OpenSunday 26th April 2009North Dalton9.10am Game 3 Women’s Open10.05am Game 3 Men’s OpenFor more information and to see profiles on all the players taking part in the series, please visit the Series website:http://www.sportingpulse.com/assoc_page.cgi?assoc=6460&pID=14last_img

10 months ago​Gilberto Silva: Fred will fight for Man Utd place

first_img​Gilberto Silva: Fred will fight for Man Utd placeby Freddie Taylor10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United midfielder Fred is not looking to leave the club.The Brazilian has struggled to claim a regular place since arriving for a big fee from Shakhtar Donetsk in the summer.But with manager Jose Mourinho gone, his agent Gilberto Silva believes that Fred will keep fighting for his place. He has only started six Premier League games this season.”The fact that he is not playing makes him anxious, but what I say to him is that he must keep working hard on a daily basis, he should be patient because the club is going through a delicate moment,” the former Arsenal midfielder told The Telegraph.”Many things have happened to him in six months. A new lifestyle, a different league and a historic club with the grandeur of United that are going under a lot of pressure. Perhaps this pressure impacts on him as well. In spite all of that, he sees everything as a learning process.”But there is no chance of him leaving United. He has a five-year contract. It is not because the first six months were not good enough that he is willing to leave – or even after one year. Obviously when you don’t play too much it is worrying because you want to show your quality.”Although from the outside view it seems there is tension regarding him not playing that much, his work on a daily basis has been good.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Video: Arkansas Converts 4th-And-25 In Overtime On Ridiculous Lateral

first_imgArkansas player laterals the ball near Ole Miss sideline.Update: Arkansas eventually scored on the possession and converted the two-point attempt to win 53-52. Insane endings are becoming routine in college football. Earlier: Arkansas and Ole Miss are involved in a wild one in Oxford right now. The Rebels jumped ahead 52-45 in overtime on a Chad Kelly touchdown run, and then forced the Razorbacks into a 4th-and-25 scenario on their possession.And then this happened.This is how Arkansas crazily converted 4th and 25 in OT. What a lateral! pic.twitter.com/ylALEACWe8— Dr. Saturday (@YahooDrSaturday) November 8, 2015Yes, you saw that correctly. Hunter Henry’s wild lateral landed in the hands of running back Alex Collins, who dashed for the first down. Collins fumbled at the end of the play, but the Razorbacks recovered.Week in and week out, college football is incredible.last_img read more

Mens Lacrosse Ohio State hopes to rebound from slide against No 4

Ohio State then-freshman Tre Leclaire maintains possession of the ball in the first quarter against Loyola Maryland in the first round of the NCAA tournament on May 14, 2017 at Ohio Stadium. Credit: Sheridan Hendrix | Oller ReporterAfter being pushed out of the NCAA’s top 20 for the first time this season following Saturday’s 12-7 loss to No. 5 Denver, the now-unranked Ohio State men’s lacrosse team must clash with No. 4 Notre Dame and prove it has what it takes to make it back.The Buckeyes have lost two games in the past two weeks and are 5-3 on a season that began with a three-game win-streak. The imposing Fighting Irish are 4-2 with wins against Denver and No. 10 Virginia, but they are also coming off Wednesday’s 13-12 loss to Michigan. Notre Dame’s impressive offense boasts sophomore midfielder Bryan Costabile and junior attack Ryder Garnsey who scored three and five goals, respectively, in the team’s close game against the Wolverines. Costabile’s hat-trick was his third of the season, while Garnsey added one more to his six career hat-tricks. Notre Dame senior defenseman John Sexton and senior attack Mikey Wynne were named the ACC’s Defensive and Offensive Players of the Week, respectively, and are forces Ohio State will have to contend with in its upcoming tilt with Notre Dame.The Buckeyes will need to rely on big performances from their key players to keep up with a solid Irish team. Ohio State freshman attack J.T. Bugliosi scored two goals against the Pioneers Saturday, while five other Buckeyes recorded goals. Sophomore attack Tre Leclaire had two assists in the game, tying his season high. Offensive and defensive efforts alike will need to work in tandem to keep the Irish at bay. The Buckeyes expect to play under sunny skies on Sunday when they welcome the Fighting Irish for a noon faceoff at Ohio Stadium. read more

Douglas Costa believes in Ronaldo

first_imgAccording to the Brazilian winger, Cristiano Ronaldo can take Juventus “to the next level” not only in Italian Serie A but also in EuropeBrazilian start Douglas Costa says Juventus is like a big family.“I think Juventus know how to win a player over,“ he told Italian Football TV.“I think the Juventus family are most important, It’s a world where I’ve learned to live,” he added.Franck Ribery, FiorentinaFiorentina owner: “Ribery played better than Ronaldo!” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso was left gushing over Franck Ribery’s performance against Juventus, which he rates above that of even Cristiano Ronaldo’s.“Allegri’s a Coach with a great passion for the defensive side of the game and, for me, it was really important because I’m a player used to going forward a lot.”And these are some of the reasons he thinks Cristiano Ronaldo will be able to take Juve to the highest level.“Ronaldo is a really important player, but we also have Dybala and other important players. I’ve played with Neymar, so it’s not totally new for me to play with someone at [Ronaldo’s] level.”“Everyone has welcomed him and we know how much he can improve us. We can’t hide it, it’s clear.”last_img read more

Martinez backs Belgium duo to shine in La Liga

first_imgBelgium boss Roberto Martinez is expecting both Thibaut Courtois and Michy Batshuayi to have impressive campaigns in La LigaThe pair both had a role in Belgium’s best ever World Cup campaign this summer that saw the national side claim a best finish of third place with Courtois’ displays earning him the Golden Glove award.The goalkeeper completed a dream £35m move from Chelsea to Real Madrid earlier this month, but has been left on the bench ever since in favour of current number one Keylor Navas.But Martinez is certain that his moment will come.“Yes. He is a young man with a lot of experience. He has been growing, and the more he is required and pushed, the more results he gives,” Martinez told El Pais.“I know that being the number one of Real Madrid implies a high level of competition, but I work with him and can say that he is in the best moment of his career”Meanwhile, Batshuayi recovered from a season-ending ankle ligament injury to feature for Belgium in the World Cup.Sergio Ramos, Real MadridZidane reveals Sergio Ramos injury concern for Real Madrid Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane has put Sergio Ramos’ availability for Real Madrid’s trip to Sevilla next weekend in doubt after withdrawing him against Levante.The 24-year-old managed to grab a goal in the Red Devils’ campaign in Russia and has since joined Valencia on loan from Chelsea.Batshuayi has so far been restricted to just two late substitute appearances for Valencia in their opening La Liga games.But the goals will come, reckons Martinez.“An intuitive player capable of scoring goals where others can not. If you give him love, he returns it with goals,” he said.“He is a boy who lives by and for soccer. Very old-fashioned. You can see him in the smile he has when he is on the field.“I think that Marcelino’s system can bring out the best in him.”last_img read more

Reus You wont see me playing at Bayern Munich I promise

first_imgBorussia Dortmund captain Marco Reus reiterated his commitment to the club and assured everyone that they will never see him in a Bayern Munich jerseyBVB have an unfortunate history for selling their best players to rival clubs with star duo Robert Lewandowski and Mats Hummels leaving for Bayern in recent years, while Mario Gotze rejoined them in 2016 following a three-year spell at the Bundesliga champions.But Reus, who performances this season have earned him three Player of the Month awards this term, announced he will not be following in the footsteps of his former teammates.“You won’t see me playing at Bayern, I promise,” Reus told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.“Also I’m nearly 30 years old and they want to rejuvenate their squad.”In his new attacking midfield role, Reus has played a vital role in Dortmund’s stunning campaign this season with his 11 goals and five assists helping the club establish a six-point lead over Bayern at the top of the Bundesliga table.Jadon Sancho, Borussia DortmundCrouch: Liverpool could beat Man United to Jadon Sancho Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Peter Crouch wouldn’t be surprised to see Jadon Sancho end up at Liverpool one day instead of his long-term pursuers Manchester United.And the 29-year-old is well aware that BVB are in a great position to end Bayern’s six-season dominance in Germany and claim a first league title for themselves since 2012 in the process.“It’s in our hands, we have to take each game like the first of the season and then we’ll have a chance,” said Reus.The 29-year-old missed Dortmund’s 1-0 win at RB Leipzig over the weekend after sustaining a knock in training on Friday, but will likely return to action this week.Since rejoining his boyhood club from Borussia Monchengladbach in 2012 in a €17.1m deal, Reus has managed a total of 110 goals and 69 assists in 228 appearances across all competitions for Dortmund.The Germany international has won the DFB-Pokal and two DFL-Supercups at Signal Iduna Park and reached the Champions League final in 2013, which Dortmund lost narrowly lost 2-1 to Bayern at Wembley.last_img read more