Green energy push gains steam in corporate Japan

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Nikkei Asian Review:More Japanese companies are promising to source all of their electricity from renewable energy in 10 to 30 years, a trend that could in turn spur investment to bolster grid capacity to accommodate demand.Tech provider Fujitsu will as early as this month join RE100, the global initiative of major companies committed to 100% renewable power. The company currently sources just 7% of its power from clean energy but plans to achieve a full switchover by 2050.Retailer Marui Group aims to reach 100% renewal energy by 2030. One of its locations will begin using electricity from wind power supplied by utility Minna Denryoku in September.RE100 has gained 138 members since its founding in 2014. Big name members like Apple and Google already generate all of their electricity from renewable sources, thanks to investments in such projects as mega solar plants and wind farms.Copier maker Ricoh became the first Japanese company to join the initiative in April 2017. The list now includes developers Sekisui House and Daiwa House Industry, office supply vendor Askul, restaurant operator Watami, retailer Aeon, Johnan Shinkin Bank and waste collector Envipro Holdings—with Japan trailing only the U.S. and the U.K. and rivaling Switzerland.The 10 companies together consume roughly 12 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, equivalent to the output of about two nuclear reactors, said the Japan Climate Leaders Partnership, which is promoting RE100 in the country. Sam Kimmins, head of RE100, expects 50 Japanese companies to participate by 2020.More: Corporate Japan pledges full shift to renewable energy Green energy push gains steam in corporate Japanlast_img read more

More offshore wind bid into Rhode Island renewable solicitation

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Providence Journal:Rhode Island electric customers are already using power from the first offshore wind farm in the nation, a 30-megawatt project off Block Island — and plans are in place to buy another 400 megawatts of offshore wind.Now, developers are proposing to sell an additional 350 megawatts of offshore wind power to the Ocean State.Among the 11 companies that responded to the state’s latest request for proposals for renewable energy are Deepwater Wind — which, after a merger, is now Orsted U.S. Offshore Wind — and Vineyard Wind, which both hold leases to federal waters in or near Rhode Island Sound.Deepwater, which submitted its bid before the name change took effect, is proposing two options: a 100-megawatt project or a 350-megawatt alternative. Vineyard, too, has put forward a choice, between a 200-megawatt project and one of 350 megawatts.The proposals were among a total of 41 bids that were made in response to the RFP for 400 megawatts of new renewable energy that was released by the state in September as part of Gov. Gina Raimondo’s push to increase the supply of power from wind, solar and the like to 1,000 megawatts by 2020.More: Renewable energy: Bids would add 350 megawatts of offshore wind More offshore wind bid into Rhode Island renewable solicitationlast_img read more

Indiana utility moves ahead with coal phase-out plans

first_imgIndiana utility moves ahead with coal phase-out plans FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Northwest Indiana Times:Three upcoming wind farm projects will help NIPSCO move toward its goal of being coal-free by the end of 2028, the company announced Friday.Wind farms in Montgomery, White and Benton and Warren counties will add nearly 300 turbines and 800 megawatts of electricity generating capacity to the state’s landscape, and NIPSCO has entered agreements to acquire power from each.The projects involve partnerships between the Merrillville-based utility and the private companies developing the farms. The agreements resulted from a request NIPSCO issued last year for proposals for alternative energy generation.“We’re excited for the opportunity to add more home-grown renewable energy in Indiana,” NIPSCO President Violet Sistovaris said in the company’s announcement. “In addition to the economic benefits that projects like these add, the transition we’re making in our electric generation equates to an estimated $4 billion in cost-savings for customers over the long-term.”NIPSCO’s “Your Energy, Your Future” plan calls for retirement of its coal-fired generators at the Schahfer plant near Wheatfield by the end of 2023, and of the generator at its Michigan City plant by the end of 2028. Its strategic plan, developed last year, concluded that the long-term cost of coal, including the cost of maintaining coal-fired plants, was higher than the cost of other sources, including wind and solar, coupled with battery storage technology.NIPSCO received a total of 90 responses to its request for proposals, with 70 in Indiana. More projects could result from those proposals, and NIPSCO intends to issue a second request for proposals for renewable energy projects this year. NIPSCO has submitted the wind farm plans to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission for its approval. NIPSCO and the project developers expect the farms to be operational by late 2020.More: NIPSCO plans partnership with 3 wind farms in Indianalast_img read more

Corporate interest in renewable energy growing fast in Australia

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Renew Economy:Australian telecommunications giant Telstra says it is back in the market for more wind and solar projects as it seeks to boost the amount of electricity it sources from renewables.Ben Burge, Telstra’s executive director of energy, says the company – whose electricity consumption is about 1.7 terawatt hours, or nearly 1 per cent of the country’s total demand – already sources about 35 per cent of its needs from wind and solar, and wants to do more. Burge said the reasons for more investment in wind and solar were two-fold – the company wanted to do its part for the environment, but more importantly, it was a good financial deal.“We like to do stuff for the planet –and that is awesome – but these have been really lucrative deals,” Burge says, noting the savings that have been made through contracting for projects such as the Murra Warra wind farm and others. “Climate skeptics who ignore these deals – it’s just sheer stupidity.”Burge’s comments came as Macquarie Group also confirmed that it was looking to build about 20GW of large-scale renewables in the next five years, including around 1GW in Australia itself.Brian Morris, a division director at Macquarie, said there was a pipeline of about 12 terawatt hours of corporate demand in Australia – around six per cent of the country’s total demand – indicating that Telstra was not the only company in the market for such deals. “We have moved to an unsubsidised market or very close to it, Morris said. “The cost of going renewable is incredibly cheap.”Telstra has also been involved in “syndicate” deals that brought in other corporate players, and Burge said the company was looking to do more. It was also one of the biggest providers of “firming capacity,” courtesy of the generators and storage that Telstra has historically held to ensure that its telecommunications network – its towers and relay stations – have reliable power. [Giles Parkinson]More: Telstra looking for more wind and solar as corporate demand booms Corporate interest in renewable energy growing fast in Australialast_img read more

EIA: U.S. coal consumption likely to fall to 453 million tons in 2020, down 23.9% from prior year

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享S&P Global Market Intelligence ($):Coal production was forecast to fall 24.3% in the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s latest “Short-Term Energy Outlook.”Coal plants are expected to bear the brunt of a decline in overall electricity demand. Combined with persistently low natural gas prices, the lower demand is expected to drive 2020 average coal consumption to 453 million tons, down 23.9% compared to 2019 levels.U.S. coal production is now expected to total 522.6 million tons in 2020, down 24.3% from 2019. Coal production in 2020 will be 30.8% lower than 2018 levels, according to the forecast. The EIA projected that annual coal production will bounce back to about 549.6 million tons in 2021.The outlook for coal generation and production are slightly lower than the agency’s April estimates. Steve Winberg, assistant secretary for fossil energy at the U.S. Department of Energy and former Consol Energy Inc. executive, recently suggested in remarks at an industry conference that there could be early coal plant retirements due to the coronavirus.Coal exports, which dropped from 115.6 million tons to 92.9 million tons from 2018 to 2019, are expected to drop to 63.2 million tons in 2020. The EIA forecast that coal exports will grow to 70.5 million tons in 2021.[Taylor Kuykendall]More ($): EIA forecasts U.S. coal production will fall 24% below 2019 levels this year EIA: U.S. coal consumption likely to fall to 453 million tons in 2020, down 23.9% from prior yearlast_img read more

Court scraps permit, orders closure of Dakota Access Pipeline pending full environmental review

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享CNBC:A federal court ruled Monday that the Dakota Access Pipeline must shut down within 30 days, by Aug. 5, according to a copy of the brief obtained by USA Today.The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia scrapped a key permit from the Army Corps of Engineers, and ordered the pipeline to end its three-year run of delivering oil out of North Dakota’s Bakken shale basin to its endpoint in Illinois. The decision marked the end of a years-long legal battle over the Energy Transfer Partners-owned pipeline’s environmental damage to the Missouri River.President Donald Trump granted the permit in 2017 over the objections of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and environmental activists, arguing oil spills could contaminate their water source and put their culture at risk.The court ruled the pipeline be shut down pending a full environmental review ordered previously.“The Corps had failed to produce an Environmental Impact Statement despite conditions that triggered such a requirement,” the court ruling said. “Although mindful of the disruption such a shutdown will cause, the Court now concludes that the answer is yes. Given the seriousness of the Corps’ NEPA error, the impossibility of a simple fix, the fact that Dakota Access did assume much of its economic risk knowingly, and the potential harm each day the pipeline operates, the Court is forced to conclude that the flow of oil must cease,” the ruling said.Energy Transfer Partners did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.[Yun Li]More: Court orders Dakota crude pipeline shutdown, in win for Native American tribes in long-running saga Court scraps permit, orders closure of Dakota Access Pipeline pending full environmental reviewlast_img read more

Rules of the road, pool, trail or fairway.

first_imgDo you think your local golf course, public, private, would allow a group of well meaning folks to set up a picnic in the middle of the 16th fairway one Saturday afternoon?Do you think the golfers would be concerned to find a mother and small kids building sand castles in one of the sand traps mid – game?Should the 4 grandmas that live up the street, use the bike lane on your local streets for their powerwalking? Or could that cause a problem for an actual biker?There are unspoken rules in most athletic activities. Rules on where some activities are permissible, and where they should not be done. Yes, a golf course may be a lovely picnic spot, but such activity would really take away from the original purpose, golf.As a mountain biker, what would you do if a teenager was walking her 3 small dogs down a designated mountain bike path?Would you zoom past hoping not to squish her dorkie, or stop and explain the danger of her actions? What if you were on a treadmill at the gym and the guy next to you was on his cell phone the whole time? Would you be willing to do more than give him the stink eye?If you had a quick answer for my not so rhetorical question, then I need your advice.What should I do (or what should I have done last night) when a man and his son use the only two swim lanes at my local athletic club, to “float.”Please, if you will, imagine a 6 lane, 25 yard pool, but only two lanes are lined and have lane-lines. To me, this communicates 2 lanes are for swimming laps, and the other area is for whatever kind of swimming one desires: Aqua jogging, snorkeling, floating, sunbathing, etc.Not only were the man and his son floating in the only swim lanes, they determined it was better to each have a lane, than share one. This way they can talk about their feet, the temperature of the water and what else comes to mind mid-float.As I stood there with cap, goggles, kickboard in hand – should I have said something? I certainly can’t ask the wee 16 year old life guard to do my bidding. So, I decided perhaps I would communicate without words. I swam next to the lane lines, where there are no lines, kicking, splashing as hard as I could to frankly disrupt the float. I had 35 minutes to hopefully swim 1 mile and no time to waste.Ouch. $^[email protected]$(%_! Flip turns are not easy without lines and marked walls. Turn two and my head cracked against the wall. I spent the next 10 minutes drafting the lawsuit I will file against these jerks in my head, when I have a brain hemorrhage and require cranial surgery.Did Larry and Moe notice? Did they even care?Thirty laps into my swim, I realized these guys are not going to get it. They are not going to figure out the lanes are for actual swimming, or that my attempts at swimming outside the lanes are some what dangerous. Nor did they consider sharing a lane so I could enjoy the other.At one point, the dynamic duo decided to “swim” a lap. Heads out, on back, feet forward, they paddled toward the other end. It took 3 minutes. I know, I timed them.Finally, the hot tub opened up and daddio decided he would rather float over there then in lane 2. Perhaps the pressure was too great, so he took his exit. “Praise Jesus,” I say out loud, immediately taking his lane to finish my swim.While I will be working on my own anger, and how to control it in silly frustrating situations like this one so it doesn’t ruin my favorite activity, I need advice.What should I have done? These folks clearly didn’t get the unwritten rules. The lanes aren’t for adults – they are for swimmers. There is a difference.Have you guys ever had to explain the rules of the road, pool, trail or fairway? Is there a gracious way to do this? Am I a selfish jerk who needs to just get over it?Let me know your thoughts. And if man and son are reading this, email me the time of your next scheduled float. I want to make sure I’m not there.last_img read more

Go smallmouth bass fishing

first_imgEarly fall in the Blue Ridge is a magical time. There is always that one week where the temperature and humidity drop dramatically and it feels like the autumn season arrived overnight. Of course, the mercury could shoot back up to 90 degrees the next week, but for a that fleeting moment, fall is in the air. The drop in temperature has a rejuvenating effect on humans, and it has the same effect on fish. The delayed harvest trout season is still about a month away, but mid-September is the absolute perfect time to wet a line for smallmouth bass on the mighty James River.Virginia’s warm-water fisheries are some of the best in the Southeast, and as the water temps drop, the smallmouth bass liven up from their summer lethargy and get active. The top water bite is pretty consistent during this time, and the water is still warm enough to wet wade, so the best bet is to head out toward the middle of the day and fish through the warmth of the afternoon. Blue, white, and chartreuse poppers should bring bass to the surface; if not try a trusty Clouser minnow or other baitfish pattern.If you are wading, some of the best spots on the James are around Scottsville, Va., area where the river is wide and shallow, allowing easy access to both banks and the river’s deep holes. There is a public boat ramp at the Hardware River State Wildlife Management Area. If you have a boat or canoe, this is also a great takeout if you put in above Scottsville.View Larger Maplast_img read more

Race Ahead: Road Running

first_imgCRAZY 8S 8Kkingsport, tennesseejuly 13, 2013Not only was the Crazy 8s one of the first night races in the country (start time is 10:08pm), and not only is the course lit by candle luminaries, but if you beat the course record, you’ll get a check for $10,008. Good luck with that though, since the Crazy 8s course record is also the 8K World Record (22:02), set by Peter Githuka in 1996. The lure of the World Record has turned the Crazy 8s, in little Kingsport, into one of America’s must-run races, attracting the fastest runners from all over the world. Race director Hank Brown talks about the night that Peter Githuka ran the fastest 8K in history: “ We didn’t have crowd fencing back then, so once the crowd heard that someone was running at World Record pace, they filled the streets. You couldn’t see the finish line through the people. We had to dig a hole through the crowd for the runners. It was a crazy scene.” It’s at night, with candles everywhere, and runners finish in the football stadium with really loud music and the stadium lights. It’s like the X Games for road racing. crazy8.comBLUE RIDGE RELAYvirginia / north carolinaseptember 6-7, 2013A dozen runners pile into two vans and take turns rotating through 36 legs as they run 208 miles from Grayson Highlands State Park, in Virginia, to downtown Asheville via some of the prettiest country roads in the Southern Appalachians. “It’s 12 hours of suspenseful, dramatic, sleepless running adventure,” says Jerad Crave, who’s been on the winning relay team four times over. “If you want to win, each person has to run three hard races within 12 hours. You run your leg with no warm-up, finish, and jump in the van. There’s a chance to grab a few hours of sleep, but it’s so exciting, you keep going to see how everyone else is doing. It’s 3:30 in the morning when you finally try to doze off, then someone slaps your leg and says, “You’re up in 15 minutes.” blueridgerelay.comBest of the RestHilton Head Half MarathonHilton Head, South CarolinaFebruary 9, 2013 • bearfootsports.comGreen Legs and HamstringsDanville, VirginiaMarch 9, 2013 • danville-va.govShamrock 4-MilerAbingdon, VirginiaMarch 15, 2013 • werunevents.comMartinsville Half MarathonMartinsville, VirginiaMarch 23, 2013 • milesinmartinsville.comCherry Blossom 10-MilerWashington, D.C.April 7, 2013 • cherryblossom.orgKnoxville MarathonKnoxville, TennesseeApril 7, 2013 • knoxvillemarathon.comUkrops Monument Avenue 10kRichmond, VirginiaApril 13, 2013 • sportsbackers.orgDismal Swamp Stomp Half MarathonChesapeake, VirginiaApril 13, 2013 • dismalswampstomp.comCharlotte Racefest Half MarathonCharlotte, North CarolinaApril 13, 2013 • charlotteracefest.comParis Mountain Road RaceGreenville, South CarolinaApril 20, 2013 • parismountainroadrace.comFig Leaf 5KDawsonville, GeorgiaApril, 2013 • paradisevalleyclub.comRun For The Dream Half Marathon and 8kWilliamsburg, VirginiaJune 1-2, 2013 • runforachievabledream.comVirginia Wine Country Half MarathonLoudon, VirginiaJune 1, 2013 • Valley Moonlight 8kMaggie Valley, North CarolinaAugust 24, 2013 • maggievalleymoonlightrun.comAsheville Citizen-Times Marathon and Half MarathonAsheville, North CarolinaSeptember 15, 2013 • citizen-times.comTucker Community Foundation Run For It 5kDavis, West VirginiaSeptember 28, 2013 • tuckerfoundation.netThe Genworth Virginia 10-MilerLynchburg, VirginiaSeptember 28, 2013 • virginiatenmiler.comCherokee Harvest Half-MarathonCherokee, North CarolinaOctober 19, 2013 • cherokeeharvesthalf.comCharlottesville Fall Classic HalfCharlottesville, VirginiaOctober, 2013 • badtothebone.bizTuna Run 200Raleigh to Atlantic Beach, North CarolinaOctober, 2013 • tunarun200.comFreedom’s Run MarathonSheperdstown, West VirginiaOctober 12, 2013 • freedomsrun.orgAnthem Richmond MarathonRichmond, VirginiaNovember 16, 2013 • richmondmarathon.comPhiladelphia MarathonPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaNovember 22-24, 2013 • philadelphiamarathon.comFor more great Race Ahead information check out these sections:SnowsportsTrail RunningRoad RunningMountain BikingRoad CyclingClimbingPaddlingHikingMultisportSuperlatives ROAD RUNNINGMILLER LIGHT CHARLOTTESVILLE MARATHONcharlottesville, virginiaapril 6, 2013After more than a decade, the Charlottesville Marathon has become a legitimate destination race. The course takes you on a tour of Charlottesville, from the hip downtown mall to the gorgeous outlying wine country. The course isn’t flat, but it’s not tough either. The biggest hill is early on at mile six, before a vineyard. Other than that, it’s all rolling. “My favorite part of the course is the section along the Rivanna River, between mile 23 and 26,” says race director Francesca Conte. “You’re almost at the end, and the river gives you a boost exactly when you need it.” charlottesvillemarathon.comFOOT LEVELERS BLUE RIDGE MARATHONROANOKE, VIRGINIAapril 20, 2013Run one of America’s toughest road marathons. With 3,620 feet of total elevation gain and 7,234 feet of total elevation change, the marathon gives new meaning to runner’s high. Around mile 6, runners climb Roanoke Mountain on the Blue Ridge Parkway, one of the most difficult sections of the course—and also one of the most stunningly scenic. Not up for 26.2? Team up for a five-person relay. Running legends Bart Yasso, Frank Shorter, and Bill Rodgers will be on a relay team this year. blueridgemarathon.comPEACHTREE ROAD RACEatlanta, georgiajuly 4, 2013This 6.2-mile race through downtown Atlanta is well-known as the biggest footrace in the country. In 2013 and 2014, the Peachtree will host the men’s and women’s 10K USA Championships, solidifying the event as one of the best in the nation as well.110—Number of runners at the inaugural Peachtree Road Race in 197060,000—Current race cap, making the Peachtree the largest race in the country750—Number of port-a-johns at the race.27:04—Course record, set in 199612,000+—Number of runners who will finish in under an hour.30+—Number of runners who will finish in under 30 minutespeachtreeroadrace.orglast_img read more

Beer Blog: Full Moon Rising

first_imgI was driving downtown the other day and a sign caught my eye: “coming soon, a moonshine bar.”I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the gist of the sign. A whole bar devoted to moonshine. I’ve seen whiskey bars and martini bars and daiquiri bars, but this will be the first strictly moonshine bar for me. I guess it was only a matter of time. There’s certainly enough stock to choose from.  Seems like a new moonshine distiller pops up every month in this area since moonshine started going legal several years ago.While I’d describe myself as a whiskey fan in general (bourbon, rye, Scotch, Irish…it’s all good to me), I’ve never been a particularly big fan of “the shine.” I’ve had some great moonshine infused with chaga root out of the West Virginia mountains, but most of the properly (read: legally) distilled stuff has reminded me too much of the hand sanitizer I doused myself with constantly when my kids were babies.I’m prone to making blanket statements that aren’t grounded in any sense of truth or experience, like, “yoga is for people who can’t play sports;” and I’m sure in the past I’ve said something like, “people only drink moonshine because it goes well with banjo music.” Well, I’m here to publicly rescind that statement, because I found a moonshine out of South Carolina that’s downright delightful to drink, no banjos required.Dark Corner Distillery makes a moonshine that they proclaim right on the bottle is “the world’s best.” I haven’t tried them all yet, but this one would certainly be in the running. The moonshine has a surprisingly round, full body and a complex character that’s highlighted by a bit of sweetness that, somehow, doesn’t feel “sweetened.” There’s a definite “buttery” corn aspect to the liquor, but I’d credit the complexity of this hooch more to Dark Corner’s use of wheat and barley in the mash bill (most moonshine is straight up corn). Oh, and get this—they hand-mash every batch of this stuff. How cool is that?If most moonshine is often described as “harsh,” Dark Corner is pleasantly smooth. And it comes in at an impressive 100 proof to boot. Have it neat and you can feel the heat and spice of the high proof liquor, but put it over a hunk of ice and that heat fades away, letting the sweet and creamy corn step forward.Get out your mason jars. This moonshine’s worth a go.Visit read more