first_imgThey started calling the partners of 1 (Guillermo Casal, father of the extenista Sergi Casal, who was called in person by Captain David López) until 100. But the Espanyol solidarity network in these times of confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been extended to all subscribers over 75 years of age or who have a disability, near 3,000 according to the club census, who are served in person or from a distance, according to needs.“We had already distributed 8,000 masks by health centers, participated in campaigns encouraging people to stay at home and wherever they ask us, as in a message for the people of Igualada, but we wanted to go one step further, “explains AS director of the social area of ​​Espanyol, Alberto Ariza, who was clear that they should “lend a hand in material and service”. So they devised this double track. Whoever requires it, basic necessities are delivered to your doorstep. Or, if not, telephone support is provided.. Or both options. And for this, a club, Foundation, Federation of Penyes and volunteers have been activated. Felix Botija it is one of the latter. 2It is about helping people with reduced mobility or who cannot carry weight. We call, they make the shopping list and we take it home2, relates. From fruits, vegetables and meat to medicines they need but because they are a risk population, they prefer not to go to the pharmacy to pick them up.2The idea is to act by proximity, by couples formed by a vulnerable person and a partner who lives in the same population or very close, covering the entire Catalan territory and even more “, Ariza details. And Botija rivets: 2It is true that there is no physical contact, and that we try to coincide as little as possible, but this affinity will last. We feel the virtual hugs“In the facet of telephone support, the president of the supporters clubs of Espanyol, Araceli Pérez. “I spend the day glued to the mobile,” warns, 2porque you can not imagine what a person who lives alone appreciates those 15 or 20 minutes of conversation daily. “And what are they talking about, apart from the damn coronavirus?” Anything is about clearing the mind. Although in the end the same uncertainty always arises, about whether Espanyol will be saved“Perez reveals. With initiatives like this, Espanyol and all its people will be saved.last_img

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