Director Darko Tresnjak Reveals Plans for New Musical with Gentleman’s Guide Scribes

first_img A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 17, 2016 Related Shows A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder director Darko Tresnjak may now have a Tony Award to his name, but that’s not stopping him from keeping his eye on what’s next! Tresnjak will team up with the Gentleman’s Guide composing team—Robert Freedman and Steven Lutvak—once more for a new musical. According to U-T San Diego, the show, titled The Campaign of the Century, will be based on the book by Greg Mitchell following Upton Sinclair’s gubernatorial campaign in 1934 California.“It’s the first time that Hollywood gets involved and influences [a] campaign and uses film techniques to knock down candidates,” Tresnjak told the newspaper. “It’s actually very funny—it’s just as funny as Gentleman’s Guide. Believe me, that’s the only way I would do something like this.”In addition to The Campaign of the Century, Tresnjak has a few additional projects on the horizon: the previously reported stage adaptation of the animated movie musical Anastasia, featuring a score by Lynn Aherns and Stephen Flaherty and a book by Terrence McNally, as well as a 2015 Los Angeles Opera production of The Ghosts of Versailles featuring Patti LuPone. View Commentslast_img read more

Apple Silicon Macs–Should you buy the new Macs with the new M1 chip? » Gadget Flow

first_img– Advertisement – Ever since the launch of their first product back in 1984, Apple has been a brand always focused in providing fast performance through compact product designs. Back in 2005, when Apple decided to switch from the IBM’s PowerPC G5 product line to Intel x86, it was because the PowerPC failed to deliver the 3 GHz Power Mac G5 within 12 months. Clearly, Apple was not ready to compromise on the speed and performance of the computers back in the day. Fast forward to 2020 and the situation is somewhat similar to what it was before. Primarily, if you look at all the discussions and updates from Apple for the past few years, it comes down to two possible reasons for this switch:Apple prefers its own underlying technologyWith product lineups like the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch sustaining on its own underlying technology, Apple can be termed as one of those brands who solely relies on their own. So, it was inevitable from their side to come up with a new line of Macs that are solely run by their own Apple ARM-based Silicon processors. Apple Silicon Macs–Should you buy the new Macs with the new M1 chip? Apple Silicon Macs–Should you buy the new Macs with the new M1 chip?The new M1 chip comes with faster performance and better battery life See Also: Best Macbook Pro Accessories to buy in 2020Nevertheless, this is possibly one of the biggest updates in the tech industry ever since Apple chose to switch to Intel x86 chips back in 2005. So, is this Apple’s smartest move since 2005 to make one of their most popular products – the MacBook more self independent?As told by Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, at the WWDC 2020 keynote,From the beginning, the Mac has always embraced big changes to stay at the forefront of personal computing. Today we’re announcing our transition to Apple silicon, making this a historic day for the Mac. With its powerful features and industry-leading performance, Apple silicon will make the Mac stronger and more capable than ever. I’ve never been more excited about the future of the Mac.Why did Apple go for this switch to Apple Silicon?- Advertisement – Madhurima Nag is the Head of Social Media at Gadget Flow. She side-hustles as a digital marketing lecturer/speaker and loves to voice her opinion on marketing, crowdfunding and gadgets (of course!) in general. Not so fast-tracked relationship with IntelOther than Apple’s own ambition, one of the other factors which also triggered the switch is the constant delays they had to face with chip development at Intel. This was first experienced with Intel’s abnormally bad Skylake bug back in 2016. However, it was the only incident that could have been a possible trigger. Later in 2016, Intel promised to deliver their 10nm CPUs by Q3 2016. These chips would pack more power in compact designs which would have been a great benefit for companies like Apple who are always aiming for compact, seamless product designs. The chips would draw less heat from the CPU, thereby making it a great option for laptops. But unfortunately, Intel took over 3 years to ship those chips out. In fact, even until their last announcement, there still lies no date for the 10nm desktop chips.If you go back to the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro lineup, it was way thinner than before but the thermal capacity was a disaster. It wouldn’t be wrong to speculate that maybe Apple was designing these laptops expecting the 10nm chips to take control of the heat dissipation but with consistent delays, the entire lineups for the past few years have always been failing at the thermal juncture. So, it would not be unwise to say that these delays might have just accelerated Apple’s switch to an in-house processor, faster than expected.What are the benefits of this Apple Silicon transition?The new transition focuses on a lot of important factors that can actually make your new Apple Silicon Macs so much faster and better when it comes to combatting the heat throttle. They will also add advanced power management, a secure enclave, and a high-performing GPU to every Mac. This change focuses on better performance and using less battery power in new Macs made with Apple chips. And Mac-specific SoCs will give unique features to Mac but provide common architecture across product lines.Apple SiliconApple SiliconOther than this, the Apple Silicon transition also aims for a number of competitive advantages:1. Apple won’t have to depend on other OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for the same chips. If you look at the effectiveness of Apple’s volume impact on Intel, they are not even close to what other big tech giants like Dell and Lenovo has. So, quite naturally, their priorities in hardware manufacturing is considered less as compared to the others.2. Apple will not have to negotiate their desired features with OEMs based on what other tech giants are looking forward to. They can simply do what they want with their own Silicon chips.3. Thanks to the in-house switch, iOS apps will be able to run natively on this hardware. There’s no translation required and the brand value for seamless connectivity across devices which Apple vouches for, will actually work faster than ever.4. Vertical control of both hardware and software will give Apple the power to do anything with their devices that no other computer manufacturer has been able to do so far. Whether it’s about launching affordable Macs or going for even more compact designs with both laptops and desktops, it’s now in their hands to explore the world of computing at its best.Are there any disadvantage of the Apple Silicon transition?As of now, the most important fact worth considering is that Apple is stepping in this game for the first time and they are trying to compete the performance of these Silicon chips with Intel. That might be causing a few hiccups and bottlenecks in the beginning like it happens for most product launches initially. However, this should not be a long term issue for the company as with time, the transition will slowly fall into place.Another factor worth considering is Apple’s compatibility with Windows. One of the benefits of Apple’s move to Intel back in 2006 was that it meant that Mac users could run Windows on the Mac. This opened the Mac up to people who were hesitant about leaving Windows behind. But with the Apple Silicon, this might be an issue if Windows fail to run on it.The new M1 chip frameThe new M1 chip frameHowever, these are all speculations so far that come with any new product launch. Apple’s been leading the smartphone and tablet industry with their ARM-based chips and now with the transition to Macs, we just hope it goes even better.Apple Silicon M1 specs–How cool is it?Apple Silicon has been at the heart of iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch so far. But now with this transition, the M1 chip will usher in a whole new era for the Mac. The primary focus of this chip is to focus on power efficiency while maintaining performance. Until now, a Mac needed multiple chips to perform at its best. But M1 does it all through a uniform memory architecture. This dramatically improves performance and power efficiency. It is the first personal computing chip built using industry-leading 5nm technology. It comes with 4 high performance single thread cores which delivers the similar performance as current Macs but with low power consumption. In fact, it is seen that M1 will give about 3X better performance per watt as compared to previous Mac chips. The new M1 chip at a glanceThe new M1 chip at a glanceM1 also comes with integrated graphics to give you 2X better performance than other PC chips by using just one-third of the power. M1 excels in machine learning with 11 Trillion operations per second. In order to make the Silicon Macs work even better, the macOS Big Sur has been customized specifically for the M1 chip-based Apple Silicon Macs. This makes processes like launching apps or any other daily activity you do on your Mac even more instantaneous.M1 chip CPU performanceM1 chip CPU performanceWhen it comes to security, M1 comes with hardware-verified secure booth, automatic encryption, and more. The apps you get in Apple Silicon are –1. Universal apps – One app for all of your Macs you can download from the App Store2. Rosetta 2 – Translation software for non-universal apps. 3. iOS and iPad apps on your Mac. Yes, that’s finally happening.The new M1 GPU performanceThe new M1 GPU performanceAll Apple apps, including Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, will run natively on ARM. What’s more, Microsoft and Adobe are working on running on Apple Silicon. Because macOS Big Sur will include Rosetta 2, it will automatically translate Intel apps to Apple Silicon at the time of install. Apple Silicon M1 supported modelsThe wait is finally over and we have the supported models from Apple with the brand new M1 chip.The new MacBook Air with M1 Apple SiliconThe MacBook Air redefines what a thinner light notebook can do. With 8-incredibly powerful cores, the CPU new MacBook Air with M1 soars to a 3x faster performance than before. Like managing huge raw libraries in Lightroom and 5X faster graphics performance. It provides immersive gaming at significant higher frame rates. The new Air is up to 3x faster than the Windows laptops of its class. With 16-cores, machine learning is 9x faster than previous Air. Even storage gets a boost with 2x faster SSDs. The new Air gives you that performance with a silent design. It also provides up to 15 hours of wireless web battery life and 18 hours of video playback. With M1 and Big Sur, MacBook Air still starts at $999.The new MacBook Air with M1 at a glanceThe new MacBook Air with M1 at a glanceThe new Mac Mini with M1 Apple SiliconIt delivers Mac desktop experience in an incredibly small form factor. M1 comes to Mac Mini and gives it up to 3x faster CPU performance. The 8-core GPU gives the Mini a 6 fold increase in graphics performance. If you compare Mac mini to the top-selling PC desktop in its price range, it’s 1/10th the size with 5x performance. The new Mac Mini starts at just $699. The new Mac Mini with M1 at a glanceThe new Mac Mini with M1 at a glanceThe new Mac Mini portsThe new Mac Mini portsThe new 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Apple SiliconWith M1, the 13-inch MacBook Pro becomes way more powerful, and way more Pro. It comes with nearly 8x performance over previous MacBook Pro and up to 3x faster than best-selling Windows laptop in its class. The new MacBook Pro can play back 8k ProRes video in Resolve without dropping a single frame. It comes with 17 hours of wireless web browsing and 20 hours of video playback battery life. The studio-quality mics give you a super clean audio during conference calls. With Big Sur and M1 chip at the heart of it, the new MacBook Pro is still just $1299. The new MacBook Pro with M1 at a glanceThe new MacBook Pro with M1 at a glanceWhen will the new Silicon Macs be available?All the three products will be available for order starting today, and shipping begins next week. The transition to M1 Silicon will take time and the company is predicting a 2-year timeline for the entire transition to happen.So, does that mean you should wait it out? Definitely out if you’re up for experimenting with the new M1 chip experience right away. But if you’re expecting all of your favorite apps to be available on the Mac app store for the new MacBooks right away, you might have to wait it out.Big Sur in M1 chip based MacBook ProBig Sur in M1 chip based MacBook ProApple Silicon Macs are not just another MacBook series from Apple. They represent a cult breakthrough in the world of tech where a brand is trying to go all in-house with their hardware lineup. It’s been a tremendous year for Apple and we being Apple fans, couldn’t have asked for more. What’s your take on the new Silicon Macs? Would you buy them? Share with us in the comments below. After 15 years, the tech industry is up for a massive upgrade. Yes, the Apple Silicon Macs are finally here and we couldn’t be more excited for it. These Macs are setting a benchmark in the world of computing and paving the way for Apple to be closer to a more self-sustainable brand. Will that work in favor of Apple or no? Keep on reading to find out more.When Apple announced the iPhone 12 series last month and all the cool things it can do with 5G, Ceramic Shield, and MagSafe, it seemed like the best from Apple this year. But hey, there’s still One More Thing left to add to the amazing lineup from the brand this year. Announced back in WWDC 2020, Apple has finally set a launch date for their own Apple Silicon backed MacBook series. If you’ve been a MacBook user forever, you’d know that this was an impending announcement most of us Mac lovers were waiting for. From a brand who’s got tremendous success with their own custom chips in the mobile world, such a transition for laptops and eventually desktops, was inevitable. But when you think of such a major transition happening in the world of Macs, you’d also be somewhat skeptical about its success.Apple Silicon Macs TransitionApple Silicon Macs transition- Advertisement – The Gadget Flow Daily Digest highlights and explores the latest intech trends to keep you informed. Want it straight to your inbox?Subscribe ➜ Apple Silicon Macs–Should you buy the new Macs with the new M1 chip? – Advertisement –last_img read more

Govt’s inclusive approach to tackle inequality amid slowdown: Sri Mulyani

first_imgThe government has allocated large funds to finance social assistance programs as part of its inclusive growth policy, including the non-cash assistance program, the national health insurance scheme and educational scholarships for poor families. It has also increased the budget allocation for the village funds program that aims to empower rural economies.“The state budget for 2020 is similar to the 2019 [budget]. The theme is to maintain the growth momentum and improve economic fundamentals,” Sri Mulyani said.The government had also laid out a comprehensive program to revive the economy through deregulatory measures to remove barriers to investment, as well as fiscal incentives to help businesses cope with the sluggish growth.The minister stressed that Indonesia remained ahead of many other countries with its economic growth of about 5 percent. (ydp)Topics : “Global and domestic growth have fallen to their lowest levels in the last 10 years,” she said.The World Bank slightly lowered its global growth forecast for 2019 and 2020 in early January, despite the easing trade tensions between the United States and China.In the latest edition of its annual Global Economic Prospects, the bank lowered its global forecast by 0.2 percentage point to 2.4 percent for 2019 and 2.5 percent for 2020.Indonesia recorded growth of 5.02 percent in the third quarter of 2019, the lowest in more than two years amid the slowdown in the global economy. The government will continue to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth in its development agenda to mitigate the impact of the global slowdown and to reduce economic inequality, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said during a public lecture.Addressing students at the campus of the University of Indonesia in Salemba, Jakarta on Monday, the former World Bank Group managing director said the development goals were reflected in the state budget, which focused on infrastructure development as well as rural development and social assistance programs for the poor and others in need.Sri Mulyani said that the inclusive development approach would help mitigate the impacts of sluggish economic growth, especially on the poor.last_img read more

UPDATE: Governor Wolf Arrives in Bedford County; Agencies Provide Further Information on Derailment

first_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitter Press Release,  PSA,  Public Safety,  Statement Residents Within One Mile of Bedford County Train Derailment Evacuated; No Injuries or Fatalities ReportedUPDATED 3:25PMGovernor Tom Wolf is on scene at the command post in Hyndman, Bedford County to meet first responders and area residents affected by the derailment, fire and evacuation.“Federal, state and local officials are working diligently to ensure that residents in the affected area are evacuated to safety and planning for possible additional impacts to the area,” Governor Wolf said. “These first responders deserve all of our thanks for their swift work to respond to this ongoing incident.”The Pennsylvania State Incident Management Team is heading to Cumberland, Maryland, which will serve as their base of operations to support regional, county and local response personnel.PEMA issued a Wireless Emergency Alert message to residents in Hyndman Borough. The message instructed residents to leave their homes and report to the Hyndman Ministry Church for assistance.Members of the public who have questions about this incident or where they can go for help can call the CSX Incident Response Line at 1-800-331-4031. The American Red Cross has activated their Safe and Well website, which enables people affected by a disaster to enter information regarding their welfare so family and friends can check their status.According to CSX, the derailed train consisted of five locomotives and 178 rail cars.128 of those cars were carrying mixed freight, and 50 were empty. At least 32 cars derailed; at least one car containing liquified petroleum gas and at least one car containing molten sulphur have leaked and are on fire.###1:01PMHarrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf, on behalf of Commonwealth agencies, provided the following update on train derailment and fire in Hyndman Borough, Bedford County on Wednesday that has led to the evacuation of residents in a one-mile radius of the site of the accident.“The commonwealth is coordinating a comprehensive response with local and federal agencies and I urge local residents to follow evacuation directions and all warnings from first responders,” Governor Wolf said.At this time, there are no reported injuries or fatalities. There are a number of roads closed in the area, including State Route 96.Residents in the area who need information regarding lodging or other assistance should report to a reception center located at the Hyndman Ministry Church, 152 Hyndman Rd., Hyndman, PA 15545. They will be given further directions at the reception center.Residents are not required to report to the reception center; evacuees are free to travel to the destination of their choice but are advised to follow the guidance of local emergency personnel and heed road closures in the area.A temporary flight restriction has been instituted at a radius of 3 miles to an elevation of 3,000 feet around the area. The temporary flight restrictions are in place in order to prevent possible mid-air collisions that may be caused by unnecessary flights, and to give priority to aircraft on official missions.The Department of Health will be conducting air and ground studies to determine any possible health effects. The Department of Environmental Protection is working closely with CSX to monitor the status of the derailed cars to monitor potential environmental impacts due to the incident. At this time, no public water supplies or waterways are affected.Additional PEMA personnel are deploying to Bedford County to provide technical and equipment support to first responders to help with communications among responders on the ground.A number of state agencies are working together, both on scene and also in the Commonwealth Response Coordination Center at the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency outside of Harrisburg, as well as local and county emergency management officials.Residents are reminded to monitor local media and follow the guidance of local emergency response personnel. August 02, 2017center_img UPDATE: Governor Wolf Arrives in Bedford County; Agencies Provide Further Information on Derailmentlast_img read more

Cuba Cruise Ban Dents Royal Caribbean’s Profit Outlook

first_imgRoyal Caribbean Cruises has lowered its profit outlook following the Trump Administration’s latest move to ban cruise ships from docking in Cuba.The Miami-based cruise major said that the financial impact of the regulatory change would mean a reduction to the adjusted EPS for 2019 in the range of USD 0.25 to USD 0.35 per share.“While the affected sailings impact only 3 percent of our 2019 capacity, the extremely short notice period for this high yielding destination amplifies the earnings impact,” said Jason T. Liberty, executive vice president and CFO.Liberty added that the result of the policy change “has created a short-term impact to our guests, operations and earnings.”Earlier in June, the U.S. government announced that authorized travel to Cuba under the people-to-people program is rescinded and travel to Cuba via cruise ships is prohibited effective June 5.Subsequently, Royal Caribbean Cruises changed the itineraries for its June 5 and June 6 departures and is determining alternate destinations for future sailings.The U.S. Department of State earlier explained the move by stating that “veiled tourism has served to line the pockets of the Cuban military, the very same people supporting Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela and repressing the Cuban people on the island.”last_img read more

Bellevue Rawle to be transformed – Julius Timothy

first_img Share 24 Views   one comment Share Minister for Urban Renewal and Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau North Constituency, Julius Timothy Minister for Urban Renewal and Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau North Constituency Hon. Julius Timothy believes that the new Dominica State College Expansion Project will complement other projects planned for the Bellevue Rawle area including the FIFA-funded goal 2 project.The minister stated this when he addressed a ceremony to mark the completion of the main structure for the new Dominica State College on Tuesday.“First of all, we have the FIFA-funded goal 2 project which is a state of the art mini football stadium for high level soccer games. When complete this playing field will truly be reflective of what can be obtained at a high class international mini stadium where our young people can come and excel in this sporting activity.”Hon. Timothy also spoke of plans to transform the old Stockfarm landfill as another project which will enrich the new Dominica State College.“We are also looking [to revolutionize] the old Stockfarm landfill. Efforts are being made to access technology that will aid in the repair process in order to ensure the former landfill is safe. Once the area has been repaired, we plan to use it for some important community project, however I think it will be ideal location for a 400 meter track for Dominica.”The government of Dominica has made significant investments in the Bellevue Rawle area. This includes the current Petro Casa Housing Project which is nearing completion and the Bellevue Rawle Housing Project where five low-cost dwelling houses were constructedA new grotto home is also being built in the area.Government Information Service LocalNews Bellevue Rawle to be transformed – Julius Timothy by: – July 7, 2012center_img Sharing is caring! Share Tweetlast_img read more

Messi rescues Barca against Real Sociedad

first_imgRelatedPosts Vidal lands in Milan to complete move from Barca to Inter Barca president Bartomeu says he won’t go to war anymore with Messi Bale completes Tottenham return from Real Madrid Lionel Messi’s late penalty – given after a VAR review – saw Barcelona edge out Real Sociedad 1-0 at the Nou Camp to move back to the top of La Liga. Barca were looking for a response from last weekend’s 2-0 El Clasico defeat to Real Madrid, but appeared set for another frustrating evening. Then with 10 minutes left, Sociedad defender Robin Le Normand was penalised for an inadvertent handball as he dived to clear a cross in the six-yard box and Messi made no mistake from the spot. During stoppage time, Jordi Alba had an effort on the break ruled out by VAR for an offside in the build-up, as Quique Setien’s side moved two points in front of their title rivals, who travel to Real Betis on Sunday. Barcelona created an early opening when Martin Braithwaite’s low shot was saved at the near post. The Denmark forward – making a first start since a specially-sanctioned transfer from Leganes outside the transfer window – raced clear again past a high defensive line to knock the ball into the net, but the offside flag had already gone up. Messi showed great skill to keep a ball in play on the goal-line before exchanging a give-and-go pass and then seeing his follow-up shot saved at point-blank range by Alex Remiro. Real Sociedad, Setien’s former club, came into the match on the back of six straight wins in all competitions. Jordi Alba thought he had scored Barcelona’s second, only for it to be ruled out The visitors finally sparked into life shortly after the half-hour mark following a break down the left when Portu just failed to get on the end of a clipped through ball. As half-time approached, Messi sent a side-footed effort wide from 10 yards after a neat lay-off from Frenkie De Jong. The Argentina playmaker’s frustrations saw him cautioned for a late tackle on Sociedad captain Mikel Merino just before half-time. Soon after the restart, Sociedad winger Ander Barrenetxea blasted a shot over after cutting inside, before Messi curled a right-footed effort just wide from the edge of the penalty area. Martin Odegaard, on loan at Sociedad from Real Madrid, sent a shot off target from Alexander Isak’s cutback. Barcelona went close again just after the hour mark when Ivan Rakitic fired in an angled drive which Remiro pushed behind. From the resulting corner, Gerard Pique sent a header straight at the goalkeeper. In the 73rd minute, Sociedad broke into the Barcelona penalty area and Mikel Oyarzabal sent a rising drive just over with Marc-Andre Ter Stegen beaten. The home side were awarded a penalty in the 80th minute following a lengthy VAR review for handball. Sociedad defender Le Normand dived in to try to head clear a cross in the six-yard box, with the ball striking him on the upper arm. Referee Juan Martinez Munuera went to look at the incident on the pitchside monitor from several angles, eventually returning to point to the spot. Remiro went the right way, but could not keep Messi’s curling penalty out. Sociedad were then calling for a penalty themselves after full-back Nacho Monreal looked to have been bundled over after getting ahead of Antoine Griezmann, but the officials waved play on. Barcelona thought they had netted a second in added time when Alba knocked in a cutback from Ansu Fati, but VAR ruled the substitute had been offside when taking Messi’s pass.Tags: FC BarcelonaJordi AlbaLa LigaLionel MessiMartin BraithwaiteQuique SetienRobin Le Normandlast_img read more

QPR wage bill doubles in latest report

first_img Despite a substantial outlay on players since promotion two years ago, the west Londoners find themselves bottom of the Barclays Premier League with just 10 matches remaining. QPR twice broke their transfer record in January by bringing in Loic Remy and Christopher Samba in a bid to avoid the drop, which led to increased scrutiny over the club’s spending. The state of QPR’s finances has been put under the microscope once again after the club’s latest accounts showed their wage bill had doubled to £56million even before their spending in the last two transfer windows. That interest will only increase after the release of the club’s accounts for the year ending May 31, 2012. While turnover rose from £34.6million to £74million, wages soared from £27.6million to £56million in a season in which QPR only managed to secure survival on the final day. A host of expensive players have since arrived at Loftus Road, with summer arrivals such as Park Ji-sung, Julio Cesar and Jose Bosingwa followed in January by Samba and Remy. QPR chairman Tony Fernandes admitted in his directors’ report that the board are “conscious of the need for expenditure to be closely monitored and controlled” but also the need to invest in the playing squad. “A critical driver of any club’s value is its presence in the Premier League and the club achieved its key objective for the 2011-12 season, by successfully securing its Premier League status for the coming season,” he said. “The financial results reflect the club’s focus on on-pitch success. “There are a number of potential risks and uncertainties that could have a material impact on the group’s long-term performance. These risks and uncertainties are monitored by the board on a regular basis.” center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Klopp urges Liverpool fans to stay home for Premier League trophy presentation

first_img(REUTERS) – Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has urged the club’s supporters to celebrate at home as the club prepare to lift the Premier League trophy following their clash with Chelsea today.Klopp’s Liverpool secured their first top-flight title in 30 years with seven games to spare and will be presented with the trophy on a special podium built on the Kop stand at Anfield.The Merseyside police have already warned fans not to repeat the widespread gatherings that took place on the city’s waterfront after the club’s title win last month, amid fears of a fresh spike in COVID-19 infections.“We don’t want to say it is completely wrong but it is not right. We cannot excuse one wrong thing with another,” Klopp told a news conference yesterday. “The first chance we get, will have this party, but only when it is appropriate.“It’s a challenge, but we’ve faced bigger ones at this club. Stay at home with family.”Today’s opponents Chelsea have already spent big in the transfer market to recruit attackers Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner, as Frank Lampard’s side look to mount a title challenge next season. But Klopp said he will not use the club’s lack of activity in the transfer market as an excuse if they do not defend the title next season.“I am happy with my squad 100%. I was here last year when people wanted us to sign him and him,” Klopp added.“It’s not that we don’t want, we try to make the right decisions, and then COVID-19 came. The situation changed and not for the better.“We buy if we have the money for it and the need for it. If one of these things is not there, we will not buy and we will go again. And we will not use it as an excuse.”last_img read more