BV farmers bemoan blocked drainage

first_imgA dam that was built to prevent water access to the community…overgrown shrubbery, stagnant water causing distressFarming and other agricultural activities in the community of Plantain Walk at Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara (ECD), has been affected by the blockage of a trench, which occurred during drainage works a few months ago, resulting in a buildup of stagnant water.Speaking with Guyana Times on Friday, one of the affected locals, Motiram Ram, explained that drainage works were conducted a few months ago and in the process, dirt was used to build a dam, preventing water from the backlands from entering the trenches. As such, a number of problems were uncovered since then.At first, there was no source of water to conduct farming operations. However, the trench was later invaded by shrubbery and other plants after it remained void of water. This has invited dangerous reptiles and other creatures.“There is a lot of drainage problems. It is a kind of farmland. We do farming and they block off the water from the backlands from flushing out the trench and provide water. They put a high dam and the water can’t come over so this is really really affecting us,” the man stated.“The place is like a jungle because there is not enough water and the bush just growing. The little water that we have is stagnant. It needs to be cleared. One of my concern is that in the same trench, it is like a jungle. We get some serious alligator and snakes. I don’t know what will happen to us,” he later explained.Ram said a piece of machinery was tasked with providing some drainage works a few days ago but could not continue due to insufficient fuel. A tractor was then dispatched to deliver petrol to finish the job but could not traverse the roadway. The affected resident argued that the street was built with asphalt and these are just excuses to prolong their distresses.“About two months ago, a machinery come to Beterverwagting to clean the trench. They did part of it and like the funds run out and they go away. Now, about four days back, a big excavator park at the back by the end of the road waiting for fuel from drainage and irrigation. The operator don’t have fuel to operate the machine up to now. When a tractor come to bring fuel, the driver said he can’t pass to go there and the road is asphalt. We have good roads here and yet they making excuses,” Ram expressed.Persons in the community have expressed concerns over their livelihoods and are calling on the relevant authorities to have the matter addressed. With the current situation, the community lacks an effective drainage system during the rainy season.The trench, void of water, which has been invaded by busheslast_img read more

Sophia woman sets home ablaze

first_imgFiremen extinguishing the embers of what was once the one-bedroom houseA woman said to have fallen into a fit of rage with the father of her child reportedly set their one-bedroom home alight after engaging in an argument with him.Guyana Times understands that by the time the fire department  arrived sometime after 2:00h, the wooden building, situated on the B Field reserve dam in South Sophia, Greater Georgetown, was already up in flames.Reports are the young woman set the house alight in frustration over her partner’s alleged infidelity.Residents in the neighbourhood said the couple, said to be in their early 20s with a young child, would be heard having frequent arguments. Police have since launched an investigation.last_img

Donegal company ‘delivers’ for Seamus ahead of big game!

first_imgThey’ve done it again.The folks at Donegal Signs are renowned for getting behind our homegrown sports stars.And on the eve of Ireland’s massive World Cup qualifier against Denmark, they’ve ‘delivered’ again. Their poster says it all. COYBIG!Donegal company ‘delivers’ for Seamus ahead of big game! was last modified: November 10th, 2017 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:COLEMANDonegal SignsSAantalast_img read more

Redemption Song: How the Fortuna boys soccer team turned a bitter defeat into championship glory

first_imgFortuna >> On Wednesday afternoon at Fortuna High School a group of boys are huddled near a table in art teacher Daniel Holmes’ classroom, getting sized for what one would assume is a class ring. Only these boys aren’t all seniors, and they’re not getting fitted for class rings. The rings they’re getting fitted for are of the championship variety.The group is comprised of members of the 2016 CIF North Coast Section Division I champion Fortuna Huskies soccer team, and Holmes is their coach.On …last_img

Pretty Cool : Pretty rose clip.

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Just in Time for PlayBook’s Launch, New SDKs from RIM

first_imgJavaScript APIs are now separated from the OS. This new architecture will allow developers to modify and enhance the existing APIs and package them with their BlackBerry WebWorks application. It will also simplify adding new APIs to applications.The BlackBerry WebWorks framework and all of the APIs are open sourced and are available on GitHub. Developers can now contribute and participate in the evolution of the BlackBerry WebWorks project.RIM added both the Individual Contributor Agreement and the Corporate Contributor Agreement to the BlackBerry WebWorks Open Source Software Project on GitHub back in March, as well as the source code for the WebWorks SDK and the APIs. In other words, the information about open-sourcing this framework is not new, it’s just a notable update.The WebWorks SDK lets developers build apps using standard Web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Those apps can then be distributed via BlackBerry World and installed on BlackBerry smartphones and the newly launched tablet computer. The 2.0 version, specifically, is meant to better align the two platforms (phone and tablet).BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIRThe other major release today is the final version of the Adobe AIR SDK, which introduces these changes:Special APIs for the BlackBerry PlayBook Plugins for Adobe Flash BuilderA BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet SimulatorA Getting Started GuideAdobe is bringing a lot more tools and services to the new PlayBook tablet, too, in addition to Adobe AIR. The complete list includes the following:Adobe AIR (as noted above)Adobe Connect Mobile, a Web conferencing app available as a free download from the app storeAdobe Content Viewer, a viewer for rich media publications (i.e. tablet-ized magazines) created with the Digital Publishing Suite. Flash PlayerAdobe ReaderAdobe LiveCycle, a mobile version of the LiveCycle enterprise suiteWhether any of this will actually help get the tablet computer off the ground is debatable. A Reuters report from this morning claimed a NY Office Depot sold just 3 PlayBooks after the store’s opening. As we’ve noted, the tablet received mixed reviews from the press due to issues with missing core apps (email, calendar, notes, contacts, etc.). These will be added later this summer via software updates. In the meantime, current BlackBerry owners can tether their phone to the device for access to these items. It’s a system designed for enterprise users with security in mind, but today’s tablets are meant to have consumer appeal as well. The PlayBook may get there eventually, but it’s starting out rough. Related Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Today, Research in Motion (RIM), has released two new SDKs for developers: the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK 2.0 for Tablet OS and Smartphones and the final version of the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR. The former is a major update involving architecture changes, and the latter of these two, the Adobe AIR SDK, introduces a number of changes that allow developers to build tablet applications using Adobe AIR technology. Says RIM, this allows publishers to share code across desktop, smartphone, mobile and television platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and more.The changes are rolling out on the same day that the BlackBerry PlayBook goes on sale in the U.S. and Canada.WebWorks 2.0 According to RIM, the WebWorks SDK 2.0 introduces the following changes: Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement sarah perez Tags:#mobile#news#RIM Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

Lstiburek’s Rules for Venting Roofs

first_img3) Put more vents down low than up high. This is where the code tends to have it wrong. You want more entry points at the perimeter than exit points at the top. People say you want to balance the lower down ventilation with the upper ventilation, and a lot of people interpret the codes to say that if you get it unbalanced you want more ventilation up high. That is absolutely wrong; you don’t want more places for the air to get out than to get in. The reason is, if you construct a house with a leaky attic ceiling and you have lots of ridge vents or you have lots of vents up high, the makeup air is going to be pulled from the house rather than being pulled from the outside. That scenario is a disaster. Attics should be ventilated with air from the outside, not the inside. That’s why I hate these whirligig turbine vents — because they depressurize the attic, and if your attic ceiling isn’t perfectly airtight, you suck air conditioned air or heated air out of the house. It’s even crazier when the powered attic fans can actually suck on the roof and they’re controlled by a thermostat. How stupid is that? Of course the attic is going to be hot. You turn them on and they suck all the air conditioned air out. No powered attic ventilation; more vents down low than up high; wash the entire underside of the roof deck. But all of that is secondary to having the ceiling plane airtight. This last tip is more important in cold climates than anywhere else. But where the ceiling insulation hits the perimeter wall, you don’t want the amount of ceiling insulation on the top plate to ever be less than the R-value in the wall itself.4) Put more insulation on top of the wall than inside it. In other words, if you have an R-20 wall, you want at least R-20 on your top plate. A higher R-value is better, but a lower R-value is not. If you have an R-30 wall you want at least R-30 on top of your top plate. A reasonable rule of thumb is: Thou shalt never, according to Joe’s Rule of Thumb, have less R-value on the top of your top plate than in the wall. It would be nice to have even more, but not less. Notice: nowhere in this discussion did the term “vapor barrier” come up. If you really want to have a vapor barrier in the ceiling, limit it to climate zone 6 or higher, but that’s really not important compared to the airtightness of that ceiling plane. The building code calls for a vapor retarder in climate zone 6 or higher. It’s okay to put one in, but if you don’t, take a Valium and relax. You don’t want to go through a lot of brain damage in a renovated house to try and add a vapor barrier underneath insulation in an attic. What you really want to do is make that ceiling plane airtight, make it airtight, declare victory and be done. Don’t mess around with permeability’s and calculations and whatever. To recap, airtightness on the ceiling; washing the underside of the roof deck; unbalanced ventilation should be in favor of the lower vents because you don’t want to depressurize the attic; no to powered attic ventilation or the whirligigs; and you don’t want to squeeze the insulation at the perimeter so it’s less than the R-value of the wall. That’s it. You can build that everywhere in the world and life is good. RELATED ARTICLES It’s OK to Skimp On Insulation, Icynene Says Rigid Foam Insulation Ridge and Soffit Vents Creating a Conditioned Attic VIDEO: Super Insulating a Home with Rigid Foam Building Science Fundamentals: Roof, Part 1: VentilationBy Dr. Joseph LstiburekDr. Joseph Lstiburek talks about the not-so-controversial ways to maximize the efficiency and airflow of your roof and attic.Video Transcript:There’s been so much stuff said about roofs that you sometimes lose perspective. I’m going to start off by saying what might seem controversial but really shouldn’t be. This is a vented attic, and it’s probably one of the most unappreciated building assemblies we have in the history of building science. It’s beautiful. It’s hard to screw this up. For 20% of the effort, it gets us to 80% of optimal performance, and it works in hot climates, in mixed climates, the Arctic, the Antarctic, the Amazonian rain forest — it works absolutely everywhere. The value proposition of a vented attic, meaning the money that you invest in building one of them — it’s hard to argue with the benefits. But for all kinds of reasons, we manage to screw it up. The single most important thing you have to remember about a vented attic is that the ceiling plane — the gypsum board layer, the drywall layer — needs to be airtight.1) The ceiling plane MUST be airtight. Absolutely airtight. Above the airtight ceiling plane, the only thing that should be seen is insulation and air, nothing else. Not last year’s Christmas decorations, not your high school prom dress, not the tuxedo you were married in and can no longer fit in. Nothing but lots of insulation and air. Just an airtight ceiling and nothing else.2) If you’re going to vent the roof, then VENT THE ROOF. If you’re actually going to vent the roof, let’s be serious about venting the roof. Wash the underside of the roof deck with air. That means the entire perimeter of the roof needs to have air inlets, meaning continuous soffit ventilation. It’s dumb to have baffles every third or fourth bay, the entire underside of the roof deck should be washed. Where the air leaves isn’t as important — whether it’s a ridge vent, or mushroom caps, or gables. What’s important is that you have continuous air entry at the perimeter of the roof down low.last_img read more

Nine Scientists Share Three Kavli Prizes

first_imgThe claim that inflationary theory has been verified may have been called into question in recent weeks, but today the theory itself won an honor.The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has awarded the Kavli Prize in astrophysics to three physicists who pioneered the theory: Alan Guth of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Andrei Linde of Stanford University, and Alexei Starobinsky of the Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics. Beginning in the late 1970s, the three researchers helped develop the idea that the universe underwent a phase of tremendous expansion in the first sliver of a second after the big bang.Sign up for our daily newsletterGet more great content like this delivered right to you!Country *AfghanistanAland IslandsAlbaniaAlgeriaAndorraAngolaAnguillaAntarcticaAntigua and BarbudaArgentinaArmeniaArubaAustraliaAustriaAzerbaijanBahamasBahrainBangladeshBarbadosBelarusBelgiumBelizeBeninBermudaBhutanBolivia, Plurinational State ofBonaire, Sint Eustatius and SabaBosnia and HerzegovinaBotswanaBouvet IslandBrazilBritish Indian Ocean TerritoryBrunei DarussalamBulgariaBurkina FasoBurundiCambodiaCameroonCanadaCape VerdeCayman IslandsCentral African RepublicChadChileChinaChristmas IslandCocos (Keeling) IslandsColombiaComorosCongoCongo, The Democratic Republic of theCook IslandsCosta RicaCote D’IvoireCroatiaCubaCuraçaoCyprusCzech RepublicDenmarkDjiboutiDominicaDominican RepublicEcuadorEgyptEl SalvadorEquatorial GuineaEritreaEstoniaEthiopiaFalkland Islands (Malvinas)Faroe IslandsFijiFinlandFranceFrench GuianaFrench PolynesiaFrench Southern TerritoriesGabonGambiaGeorgiaGermanyGhanaGibraltarGreeceGreenlandGrenadaGuadeloupeGuatemalaGuernseyGuineaGuinea-BissauGuyanaHaitiHeard Island and Mcdonald IslandsHoly See (Vatican City State)HondurasHong KongHungaryIcelandIndiaIndonesiaIran, Islamic Republic ofIraqIrelandIsle of ManIsraelItalyJamaicaJapanJerseyJordanKazakhstanKenyaKiribatiKorea, Democratic People’s Republic ofKorea, Republic ofKuwaitKyrgyzstanLao People’s Democratic RepublicLatviaLebanonLesothoLiberiaLibyan Arab JamahiriyaLiechtensteinLithuaniaLuxembourgMacaoMacedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic ofMadagascarMalawiMalaysiaMaldivesMaliMaltaMartiniqueMauritaniaMauritiusMayotteMexicoMoldova, Republic ofMonacoMongoliaMontenegroMontserratMoroccoMozambiqueMyanmarNamibiaNauruNepalNetherlandsNew CaledoniaNew ZealandNicaraguaNigerNigeriaNiueNorfolk IslandNorwayOmanPakistanPalestinianPanamaPapua New GuineaParaguayPeruPhilippinesPitcairnPolandPortugalQatarReunionRomaniaRussian FederationRWANDASaint Barthélemy Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da CunhaSaint Kitts and NevisSaint LuciaSaint Martin (French part)Saint Pierre and MiquelonSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesSamoaSan MarinoSao Tome and PrincipeSaudi ArabiaSenegalSerbiaSeychellesSierra LeoneSingaporeSint Maarten (Dutch part)SlovakiaSloveniaSolomon IslandsSomaliaSouth AfricaSouth Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsSouth SudanSpainSri LankaSudanSurinameSvalbard and Jan MayenSwazilandSwedenSwitzerlandSyrian Arab RepublicTaiwanTajikistanTanzania, United Republic ofThailandTimor-LesteTogoTokelauTongaTrinidad and TobagoTunisiaTurkeyTurkmenistanTurks and Caicos IslandsTuvaluUgandaUkraineUnited Arab EmiratesUnited KingdomUnited StatesUruguayUzbekistanVanuatuVenezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofVietnamVirgin Islands, BritishWallis and FutunaWestern SaharaYemenZambiaZimbabweI also wish to receive emails from AAAS/Science and Science advertisers, including information on products, services and special offers which may include but are not limited to news, careers information & upcoming events.Required fields are included by an asterisk(*)The academy also announced two other Kavli Prizes. The nanoscience award will be shared by Thomas Ebbesen of the University of Strasbourg, Stefan Hell of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, and John Pendry of Imperial College London for their contributions to optical microscopy and imaging. And the neuroscience prize will be awarded to Brenda Milner of the Montreal Neurological Institute at McGill University, John O’Keefe of University College London, and Marcus Raichle of the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis for their discovery of specialized brain networks for memory and cognition.The winners in each category share $1 million. The prizes are endowed by a foundation started in 2000 by the late Norwegian-born businessman and philanthropist, Fred Kavli.last_img read more

Denver Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen Dies at Age 75

first_imgENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Pat Bowlen, the Denver Broncos owner who transformed the team from also-rans into NFL champions and helped the league usher in billion-dollar television deals, died late Thursday night, just under two months before his enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was 75.In a statement posted on the Broncos’ website, Bowlen’s family said he died peacefully at home surrounded by loved ones. They did not specify a cause of death. Bowlen had battled Alzheimer’s for several years.Bowlen was the first owner in NFL history to oversee a team that won 300 games — including playoffs — in three decades. He had as many Super Bowl appearances (seven) as losing seasons, and Denver is 354-240-1 since he bought the club in 1984.Under his stewardship, the Broncos won Super Bowls in 1998, ’99 and 2016.Following their 31-24 victory over Green Bay for the franchise’s first championship, Bowlen famously hollered, “This one’s for John!” Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway called it the greatest moment of his playing career.Elway the executive returned the favor on Feb. 7, 2016, when he jabbed the silver Lombardi Trophy into the sky after Denver’s 24-10 win over Carolina in Super Bowl 50 and declared, “This one’s for Pat.”That came 18 months after Alzheimer’s forced Bowlen to step down from his daily duties running the team.“I’m just glad I had the opportunity,” Elway told The Associated Press in the victorious locker room that night. “I didn’t want to think about it too much because I didn’t want to jinx anything. But I was waiting for the day that I was able to do that. So, I was glad and really thrilled that I was able to do that and we’ll take that trophy over to Pat next week and let him cherish it.”Elway delivered the prize to Bowlen’s home back in Denver. And in the Mile High City, more than a million fans packed downtown for a victory parade 17 years after Elway capped his remarkable playing career by leading the Broncos to back-to-back titles.Super Bowl 50 was the Broncos’ eighth trip to the big game, seven under Bowlen’s watch, and all of those with Elway’s help — first as his QB and then as his GM.Bowlen’s wife, Annabel, who recently announced that she, too, is battling Alzheimer’s, and their children were on hand to accept the Lombardi Trophy on his behalf in Santa Clara, California.“His soul will live on through the Broncos, the city of Denver and all of our fans,” Bowlen’s family said in their statement Thursday night. “Heaven got a little bit more orange and blue tonight.”During his 35 seasons as owner, Bowlen’s teams compiled a .596 winning percentage — tied for second-best in the NFL during that span. Among professional franchises in the four major North American sports, only the San Antonio Spurs, New England Patriots and Los Angeles Lakers were better, according to the Broncos.FILE – In this June 16, 1998, file photo, then President Clinton, left, and Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen hold the Vince Lombardi Trophy during a ceremony at the White House where the president honored the Super Bowl XXXII champions. Denver Broncos owner Bowlen dies at age 75, family says in statement released by team. (AP Photo/Greg Gibson, File)Bowlen relished working behind the scenes and shied away from the spotlight. In the words of former coach Mike Shanahan, “Pat just wanted to be one of the guys.”“That’s why I think he was so beloved by so many people, including myself,” Shanahan said. “And you also knew that he would give anything to make your football team better or at least get a chance at the Super Bowl. At that time you would say every ounce that he had — I should say every penny he had — he wanted to go into giving the football team a Super Bowl. That was his No. 1 priority. That was it. It was not trying to buy different companies and trying to make more money. His goal was winning a Super Bowl.”Former Broncos coach Gary Kubiak said: “Most guys would tell you that played for him or worked for him that he was not only our owner, but he was your friend.”Bowlen served as a sounding board for NFL Commissioners Pete Rozelle, Paul Tagliabue and Roger Goodell. He was crucial to the league’s growth as a member of 15 NFL committees, including co-chairing the NFL Management Council and working on network TV contracts, including the league’s ground-breaking $18 billion deal in 1998.“Pat was the driving force in establishing the championship culture of the Broncos. He was also an extraordinary leader at the league level during a key period,” Broncos President and CEO Joe Ellis said in a statement. “With the fans, Pat felt in many ways that his team belonged to them and approached things with that in mind. There will never be another owner like Pat Bowlen.” Bowlen had a deep appreciation for his players, whether or not they were stars, and it’s not unusual to see ex-Broncos watching practice.“When I retired, Mr. B. told me I was welcome anytime at team headquarters,” said Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe. “He said I didn’t need a pass, either: ‘Your face is your credential.’”Ownership of the franchise is held in a trust Bowlen set up more than a decade ago in hopes one of his seven children will one day run the team. Until then, Ellis, one of three trustees, is doing so in a “What would Pat do?” sort of way.Although daughter Brittany is hoping to one day take over the team, the succession plan and the trustees’ oversight of Bowlen’s estate has been challenged in state district court in the last year by some members of the Bowlen family.Those who worked for Bowlen remember a man who put production ahead of profits; trained tirelessly for triathlons; fostered a winning atmosphere from the lobby to the locker room; and was always quick with a compliment and sure to couch his criticism.“Pat Bowlen was the heart and soul of the Denver Broncos,” Ellis said. “Not only was Pat a Hall of Fame owner — he was a Hall of Fame person.”Bowlen flashed his competitive streak whether on the road conducting league business, on the sideline watching his team or on the StairMaster drenched in sweat.It was evident in his dislike for Peyton Manning when the quarterback played for Indianapolis before joining the Broncos in 2012.“I get it, and I respect that,” Manning said, adding that Bowlen flew back to Denver from his offseason home in Hawaii to welcome him when he signed with the Broncos, and they were friends afterward.“If there was a way for him to compete against what he’s going through,” former defensive end Alfred Williams said a couple of summers ago, “he’d beat that damn disease every time.”Bowlen is survived by his wife, Annabel, and seven children: Amie, Beth, Patrick, Johnny, Brittany, Annabel and Christianna.By: Arnie Stapleton, AP Pro Football Writer TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more